"Digging Deep and Rising High"

Adult Forum for March

by Fr. Chris Hardman

In January and February Fr. Jason helped us to "Dig Deep" into our Anglican/Episcopal tradition.  Each session was a unique look into some very interesting and difficult moments in church history that has led us to be the church we are today-a church of the "middle way." In March we are going to look at how new discoveries in science can deepen our understanding of our faith and how our church of the "middle way" is best positioned to benefit from this new knowledge.

We will begin with an introduction to quantum physics and how this new way of seeing the world has led us back to an old way of seeing God. The Doctrine of the Trinity was developed in the 4th century but has, for the most part, been ignored since it was first formulated.  In recent years it has made a resurgence that is bringing disparate theological and scientific ideas into a wonderful new unity.

Next we will look at neuroscience and the development of our understanding of the brain. We actually have "three brains" that perform different functions. Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroscientist, will help us understand how these three brains differ and how they work together. We will reflect on one of her TED talks that will blow your mind.

Then we will look at a new cosmology (how we understand the ongoing story of creation). We will compare this new cosmology with the Biblical story and discover that when we delve into the arena of metaphor, the Biblical story fits quite nicely into this larger meta-narrative.

Finally, we will look at some more practical aspects of these new scientific discoveries and how they affect our everyday religious life.   Pastor Heath will present on the nature of prayer as we recognize how interconnected with God and each other we already are.

The schedule for March will be as follows:

March 5: Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement (Fr. Chris)

March 12: Three Brains and our Connection with God (Fr. Jason)

March 19:  A New Cosmology (Fr. Chris)

March 26: Deepening our Prayer Life (Pastor Heath)

Having a knowledge of science is NOT a prerequisite for these sessions. Having an interest in the church is.  As we reflect on these new scientific discoveries together, we hope to "Rise High" into a greater understanding of the Bible, Jesus, God, Church, and Ourselves.