Adult Forum in January

"Digging Deep and Rising High"

by Chris Hardman

Our Adult Forum this past fall was an exercise in "Digging Deep and Rising High."  We presented an overview of both the Old and New Testaments and dug deep into the prophet Isaiah with the help of Dr. Vicki Garvey.  In addition, Dr. Adam Miglio of Wheaton College helped us dig even deeper by presenting archeological evidence as well as theological reflection on various times in the biblical record.

In January, we will "dig deep" into our Christian heritage, specifically into the roots of our Anglican/Episcopal tradition.   We are a part of a unique church, one that has been formed through the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant Reformation, Celtic Spirituality, and the Eastern Orthodox tradition.  How did this all come about? How did we become who we are? Fr. Parkin will begin this exploration with us. After we probe "our origin" we will then take a look at what the Holy Spirit is doing in our world today and how our church is uniquely positioned to "Rise High" in the future.

We would like all of the parish to participate in this new series with us. One way to do that is to contribute a question or two that you might have about our church.  It can be anything from asking about what we believe God to be like to why we do certain things in our communion service. We will have a box in the parlor with a slot to receive your written questions.  You may also email me your questions at Your questions will help shape our Sunday sessions.

January's Schedule

January 1: No forum

January 8: Where Did We Come From?

January 15: Baptismal Reception

January 22: How Did We Get Here?

January 29: Annual Parish Meeting

Please join us for a wonderful new series. Don't forget to submit your questions.