Adult Forum in January

by Chris Hardman

This month we have a real treat for all those who love the season of Epiphany. On Sunday, January 10th, we will open the season with a celebration of the wise men from the east coming to visit the Christ child. This has always been one of my favorite stories and may be one of yours as well. If you have done any studying of this story you know that the "wise men" were most likely adherents of the Zoroastrian faith. On Sunday, January 24th, a real live Zoroastrian, Robinton Revetna, will speak to us. You won't want to miss what this "wise man" has to say!

On January 10th after our Epiphany celebration we will hold a discussion on Epiphany and the "nature of light." This will include an outline and explanation of all the "light" that will shine in Lent. (That means an explanation of what our educational programs will be about.)
A baptismal reception will be held on the 17th with a mission trip discussion following. Our annual parish meeting will be held on the 31st.

January 3: No forum
January 10: What is the nature of light? Where is the light?
January 17: Baptismal reception followed by a short presentation about the Adult Mission Trip
January 24: Robinton Revetna will present on the Zoroastrian Faith.
January 31: Annual Parish Meeting

Please join us as we spread the light of Epiphany. It will be a fast and busy month.