"Digging Deep and Rising High" in February

by Chris Hardman

In February we will continue to "dig deep" into our Anglican/Episcopal heritage. We will begin with the English Reformation and how the Anglican Church separated from the Roman Catholic Church. We will also address how the Anglican Church was influenced by the Protestant Reformation. Next, we will look at how the Anglican Church in America became the Episcopal Church. Our final session will be a time for questions about our church, our theology, our practice, or anything else related.

We would like all of the parish to participate in this new series with us. One way to do that is to contribute a question or two that you might have about our church. It can be anything from asking about what we believe God to be like to why we do certain things in our communion service. We have a box in the parlor with a slot to receive your written questions. Or you can email me at jchardman@holycomforter.org. We will address these questions and others at our adult forum on February 26th.

February's Schedule:

February 5: The English Reformation
February 12: The Anglican Church: 1700 - present
February 19: The Episcopal Church in the U.S.: Birth, Death, and Rebirth
February 26: A Time for Questions on our Church

Please join us for a wonderful series. Don't forget to submit your questions.