April Adult Forum

"Digging Deep and Rising High"

By Fr. Chris Hardman

In March we began a journey into how new discoveries in science have deepened our understanding of our Christian faith. We learned that quantum physics reveals that matter is energy "in relationship" which led to our recovery of the 4th century Doctrine of the Trinity which proclaims that God is "relationship." Neuroscience tells us that our left brain enables us to separate our world into distinct objects while our right brain helps us to connect all things together. Formal education in the West is about exercising the left brain. Art, music, dance, and prayer are about exercising the right brain. We need them both.

In April we will continue our study of science and religion with some pointed questions that involve a look at both. Is Jesus "catholic?" Is it better to give or receive?
The schedule for April will be as follows:

April 2: Is Jesus "catholic?" A look at catholicity in nature and in Jesus.
April 9: Palm Sunday (No forum)
April 16: Easter (No forum)
April 23: Is it better to give or receive? A look at photosynthesis and Jesus.
April 30: Easter People presentation by Eric Beatty

April is a time to discover how nature and religion complement one another as well as how two people have discovered God's guidance in their lives. Eric Beatty will give our first "Easter People" presentation on April 30 followed by Emily Voit on May 7.