December 4, 2016

Pastor Heath Howe

Vicki Garvey

In December we will continue "Digging Deep and Rising High" with two very special presentations by Vicki Garvey. She will engage us all on December 4th and 11th with a program entitled "Romping Through Isaiah for Fun and Prophet." This is what she says about her presentation:

"With the beginning of Advent each year, we turn to a whole new set of biblical readings for our edification and formation in the next liturgical year. This year, we turn from a year of Luke to a year of Matthew, and during the four weeks of Advent, we hear each week from the Book of the prophet Isaiah. So what, you may ask, does an ancient, dusty, sometimes grouchy, sometimes exuberantly happy prophet have to say to us in this little corner of Cook County in the 21st century? It turns out, quite a lot."